Having confidence in the future, towards a new normal

29 Jul 2020


I want to trust my fellow man,


his sensitivity,

his logic.

his friendship,

his respect,

his sense of the greater good.


With this global crisis, the greater good must come first. For public health, for the environment, for mutual aid. Our individual freedom ends where others begin. Wearing a mask is no exception. Some people wave the individual right not to wear it. However, the right not to be infected without knowing it or wanting it should take precedence. Thank you to all who comply with it. It is not pleasant, but such a small gesture can really make a difference. 


Thank you, because working in the retail business these past few months has been quite restrictive and demanding. Thank you for understanding that those who serve you on a daily basis are not to be blamed and must not take the blows. We are stuck, like everyone else in this unpredictable situation. 


This virus is sneaky and clever; it hides and takes shape where and when you least expect it. Out of respect for this unfair struggle, we all have the same right: not to be exposed to it unwillingly. Personally, I see less individualism, more altruism in my daily encounters. Please respect the distance for all; the fearful, the fragile but also for those who believe themselves invincible. No need to endanger the health of others. One just has to listen to the fears of others and try to understand their visions which are just as valid. 


Despite these upheavals, life goes on. We have to find meaning on a daily basis. 


For a smooth return to routine, we wanted to offer you a few simple tips to keep your creativity alive. 


This month, we invite you to: 


It is easy, accessible, economical … and pride as a bonus! 


Also come and discover our DIY kits. 


Take care of your emotions while facing this new reality. Let us never forget that we reap what we sow, and that nature will always have the upper hand over man. 


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