In May, I do as I please

30 Apr 2020


Many challenges were faced by all of us in the last month. With Spring coming slowly, it is now time to indulge ourselves. No need to be extravagant or to defy public authorities. Simply perform your usual tasks by be inventive.


Family car cleaning: Everyone in bathing suits, weather permitting, and have fun! Use recuperated water from the rain barrel, zero waste of clean water and zero guilt! A variation is to wash the car while it rains. Reconnect with the youthful joy of playing in the rain, when it’s warm, of course… Once wet, we can take the opportunity to also clean the outdoor furniture or the dog ūüôā


Start a vegetable garden: Accessible for everyone, with or without experience and required space. Simply start by getting information while purchasing your plants or seeds. Stay humble and confident, the result will definitely be positive. Small space? use a container with holes at the bottom to drain excess water. Growing something living brings us back to the essentials and makes us proud to have accomplished something useful and tasty.


Take advantage of the extra time to clean your patio: In order to appreciate and use it until the Fall. Whether it is made of wood or blocks, watch the corresponding video explaning the how to Tested and approved by Vert Essentiel.


For weeding the brick patio, click here


For revitalizing the wood deck, click here


Have a picnic lunch in an unusual location. Pick the far most corner of the backyard, it will give you a new perspective of your home and your neighbourhood, declare a non-conventional area of the house as the next dining spot, eat without utensils or plates, use something else than a table to display the meal, (the ironing board?) in a nutshell, get creative!


Quebecers show resilience but we must take confort in little actions that are good for the soul. Share your happy moments in order to inspire your family and friends. It feels good and it will get better soon…


Christine Grenier
Vert Essentiel founder and owner

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