Typical day of eco-friendly cocooning

18 Oct 2021



The weather is getting colder and the mornings are cooler.  Fall is setting in, and we will be spending more time at home. Who says indoor comfort, says cocooning. Is it possible to practice it in an ecological and economical way?


Here are some inspirations from the Vert Essentiel team.


Cocooning n.m.
(From the English cocoon)
Definition: The act of enjoying oneself in cozy comfort



When you wake up, give yourself a few extra minutes in bed to do some gentle stretches such as the cat pose or the side stretch.



Sit back and sip your favorite organic and fair trade coffee or tea in a place that is different from your daily routine.



When you are ready to start the day, remind yourself that it will be slower than usual. In appreciation of the slow pace, it feels great!



Plan things to do that will be enjoyable, for the soul and the body. Here are some suggestions to inspire you:




For a desire to decorate, discover unusual objects in thrift stores and mutual aid counters. A thousand and one treasures to find! Moreover, you contribute to an extremely important community economy. We have found several items for the boutique, will you find them during your next visit?



As the night comes early, wrap up in a warm blanket while munching on seasoned popcorn to watch the night and the stars. What a great way to end this slow day in style.



A busy fall day, to be repeated without restriction!


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