Smell: my favorite and free sense!

14 Jun 2021

Une femme qui sent de bonnes odeurs - A women that smells good fragrances  

Each season brings us a variety of delicious smells. Which one feels more comforting for you?

These smells that transports us are often those that bring us back to a specific moment, to a memory. As a child, I remember the smell of lily of the valley growing under the deck. I remember helping my dad with renovation work and discovering the wonderful scent of this tiny flower. It evokes a moment of magic and complicity. Walking in the forest after the rain, what a delight! The humidity of the early morning, sitting with my coffee on the deck. breathing in these small daily pleasures that energize me. I like to fold the clothes that have dried on the clothesline. It smells like the wind inviting me to dream of wide open spaces, the smell of freshly washed sheets puts me into a deep sleep when the night comes.  

How to experience these olfactory pleasures over and over again?

I love the versatility of the linen water that, when carefully chosen, will meet this need. It will become your signature scent in the living room, on the sofa, or in common areas by simply spraying it on the curtains. The wind will disperse this pleasant scent throughout the room. I recommend the oNature brand because it is free of known carcinogens and hormone disruptors. Moreover, the aromas are made with essential oils chosen for the desired atmosphere. It is essential to take care of your health, it is not only the smell that counts.  


Here are some examples of use:


  • Cotton flower linen water will reproduce the scent of freshly washed textiles.
  • The apple blossom one, with its sweet touch, will imbue the house with the delicate aroma of apple pie.
  • The sea breeze will be invigorating and intriguing. Try it on your bathroom curtains!
  • How about lavender! Refreshing the sheets and bedspread mid-week with a few sprays will definitely help reaching a deep slumber at night.


Clothes that smell good naturally

Each individual has a distinct smell. This smell is composed of the soap used, the deodorant and the body odor, finished with the sweet scent of the laundry detergent on the clothes. Natural laundry detergents leave less odor on clothes because they leave less residue on them. So how do you perfume your clothes a little more naturally? Simply add a few drops of fragrance extracts to your dryer balls. This way, your clothes will come out of the dryer smelling like your choice of fragrance.  

The washing machine: an environment favorable to bad odors

The permanently damp environment of your washing machine is prone to bad odors. Residues of laundry detergent, fabric softener, lime and dirt accumulate and create mold and mildew due to the proliferation of bacterias. It is very important to eliminate these unpleasant odors because they eventually transfer to your clothes. To do this, simply clean your washing machine as needed, discover our foolproof recipe here.  

Soap in the shower: a personal touch

Finally, my end-of-day ritual is to select my favorite soap scent, and my selection changes with the day. I like to smell the soaps and let my senses choose the aroma of the evening. Did you know that it’s easy to customize your own liquid soap? Why deprive yourself of small joys when they are so easily reachable? 🙂


At the beginning of summer, I wish you beautiful moments to stop and feel the present moment.   I look forward to sharing these joys with you!


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