Why buying in bulk in 2021?

13 Sep 2021


Sablier devant la Terre - Réchauffement climatique



I am optimistic but I am sad. It hurts my hope when I hear that another disaster has destroyed the lives of thousands of people. These are people I don’t know but I feel their pain so much. The pain of losing everything, sometimes within minutes, due to an extreme weather event.


I’m writing this post while listening to relaxing music with sounds of birds, a flowing river and a harp. This is at odds with what I want to share.  


« “It’s time to take climate change seriously. On a warming planet, no one is safe. » Inger Andersen


I feel like crying. Only for a few moments because I still have faith in humanity, in human intelligence. I told you, I am an optimist. I am convinced that we can surpass ourselves, no matter what the situation.


It is clear that these events are caused by human activity and affect all regions of the world. No one is safe anymore. Even in our quiet suburbs where we don’t see any change. When an earthquake hits our house, when a torrential rain floods our basement or when a sudden tornado surprises us, nothing will be able to stop the forces of nature.  


From the news received over the last few months, it is obvious that we have reached the unwanted stage: the return is no longer possible.

More than ever, we need to reuse more and recycle less. It is essential to think about our real needs in order to reduce our consumption.   Why reduce recycling? Because these materials required extracted raw materials that are polluting. Because the transformation of these various materials requires the use of different energies. 


But what is happening with the recycling?  


” In Canada, 3 million tons of plastic waste are thrown away each year. Only 9% of this plastic waste is recycled in this country. ” *


In 2021, recycling must be considered as a waste because the recovery of these materials is very expensive and still has few applications. Did you know that plastic has been added to the list of toxic substances in the Annex of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA)?** With the climatic upheavals experienced this summer in Quebec, Canada and internationally, the alarm bell is ringing from the largest organizations to wake us up.  


Let’s stay optimistic and stay in action!


At Vert Essentiel, we are here to help you and support you in your eco-change. We help you to make practical and easy gestures because it is the responsibility of all of us! Do you know the coffee bean game? Every time you buy in bulk at Vert Essentiel, you are asked to put a coffee bean in a jar. At the end of the year, these coffee beans correspond to the number of containers saved. Why this game? To visualize the impact of this non-consumption and to be proud of it.


  • In 2020, 75,219 containers were reused by your bulk purchases,


  • In 11 years, Vert Essentiel has redirected 285,572 containers from recycling by selling our products in bulk.


Now, kill two birds with one stone: Reuse your containers to have them refilled and save $ and plastic!  


Did you know that you save 35% to 42% when you buy our products in bulk? It’s really worth it!


Here is a price comparison chart for similar products offered already bottled and in bulk at Vert Essentiel and in supermarkets.  


Tableau comparatif prix produits comparables    

Benefits of buying in bulk at Vert Essentiel:


  • Our products are local, so you encourage the local economy.
  • Our products are ecological, so you contribute to the reduction of polluting agents and take a positive step to protect the environment.
  • Bulk is economical, so you keep more money in your pocket.
  • You help your community because Vert Essentiel donates $0.01 for each reused container to the L’Actuel! (https://www.lactuel.org/)


Our competent team is here to help you through the change. Here are some tips:


  • When your next container of body wash or home cleaner is empty, rinse it out and bring it to your next visit to Vert Essentiel.
  • Leave a few empty containers in your car so that you are always prepared.
  • Keep 2 containers of each product so that you always have one full while you empty the other.


It’s time to take action, come see us with your containers!



* Recycling situation


** Toxic substances list

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