Eco-friendly cleaning products for the big clean-up

22 Apr 2021


Produits nettoyant écologiques grand ménage - Eco-friendly products for Spring cleanup

Spring cleaning with 6 effective eco-friendly cleaning products, it’s possible and easy!



You want to clean walls and floors, the exterior of your house, windows, car or your pet? We have affordable and eco-friendly products for you. They are also available in bulk at our store.


Check out our suggestions for eco-friendly cleaning products for spring cleaning.



5 eco-friendly cleaning products for inside the house

Floors and walls

To clean your floors and walls, simply dilute a little Castile soap in a bucket of water. To learn all about Castile soap, consult our article on the 7 ways to use Castile soap.  


For impeccable windows, we suggest you try black soap. For instructions, click here.  


It is possible to use Castile soap in the carpet washing machine. It is a concentrated soap that is healthy for you and for the environment.  


The coffee machine

There is no need to buy specialized cleaning products to descale your coffee maker. Simply use citric acid or household vinegar. Find out how to descale with citric acid and how to use household vinegar to descale.

To remove tea or coffee stains, there is nothing better than sodium percarbonate!  


Pipe maintenance

To avoid blockages in the pipes, it is recommended to maintain them regularly. To do so, no need for specialized products, household vinegar and baking soda will do the trick. For a detailed video on the subject (in French only), click here.



4 Eco-friendly cleaning products for the outside of the house

The exterior siding

It is possible to clean the aluminum or PVC siding of your home with Castile soap or black soap. For details on quantities, see the article How to Clean with Black Soap and 7 Ways to Use Castile Soap.

Patio furniture

Did your patio furniture spend a hard winter outside? No need to change them, a good cleaning will make them look younger. Check out our article on Castile soap for proportions. Finally, some pressure washers have the option to add soap directly to the machine. Black soap and Castile soap are very suitable for this type of machine. They are natural, biodegradable and therefore safe for the environment.  


The wood deck

Your wooden porch has been through a lot this winter and you want to repaint it? Take note that a good cleaning with sodium percarbonate is an excellent solution to clean it thoroughly. For more details on this cleaning method, click here.  



Want to avoid spending the summer weeding your patio? The environmentally friendly weed control solution is 15% household vinegar. For all the details on this weeding method, please read the essentials about vinegar or simply watch the video (in French only) on effective weeding.



Washing your car in an eco-friendly way? Yes, it is possible!

The interior and exterior of the car.

Once again, black soap and Castile soap steal the show! See our article on the subject for more details.  


The carpets

If your removable carpets are covered in calcium after the harsh winter, check out our article on vinegar here. It contains a tip that will help you remove the calcium.

If you just want to deodorize your carpets, simply sprinkle some baking soda on them, let it sit for a few minutes and vacuum it up. For more details, see our article on how to clean with baking soda.



Eco-friendly cleaning products for pets

Black soap and castile soap are recommended for washing your dog or cat. Just choose a nice sunny day and do it directly outside on the lawn. Because of their highly developed sense of smell, we advise you not to add essential oils to the black soap and to choose the unscented Castile soap

Enjoy your cleaning!

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