What is local shopping according to Vert Essentiel

27 Aug 2020


What is buying local? Or what does local purchasing mean?


Local shopping is currently a hot topic and it is so important for our social fabric.


For Vert Essentiel, it is buying from our region, Québec, as close as possible from our physical address, locally, and then look in Canada and elsewhere as a last option.


Local shopping: it is promoting Quebec artisans and manufacturers because our purchases make a real difference. Having a sense to contribute directly to the power of our economy and being proud of it. It is buying from a merchant physically located in Québec and verifying where and how its products are made. Which ingredients are used, where are they coming from? What difference this business is making in its community? How many employees are working there and in which conditions are they evolving?



At Vert Essentiel, we are proud to be partner with more than 70 regional or Quebecers suppliers that creates our product offer. First, respect, responsibility and ethic are part of the core values of our business. We strive to implement these values when we choose our products to offer, the supplier must share the same values, obviously.


RESPECT of the product, the process, the employees, and the customers


Indeed, we ensure that none of our suppliers are testing their products or ingredients on animals. At Vert Essentiel, we evaluate the products on humans: us! Therefore, we are in a better position to confirm the efficiency and ease of use of our products. Is it entirely made from ingredients/parts made in Quebec or what is the local mininum percentage we should consider before making our choice?


On a human perspective, we value life balance among our employees, respect of their believes and their lifestyle. We represent a great diversity and we inspire each other… You also inspire us with your questions, your comments. We form a beautiful and wide team.




For all, without exception, it is small things that gives big results. Have you notice that at Vert Essentiel, 75% of our products are made in Québec, 15% are Canadian, and only 10% come from outside Canada? In fact, for 10 years, we made effort to choose local products from conviction but also for the quality of the ingredients and for their lower ecological footprint. On an individual aspect, these rules apply easily…


Indeed, we all have our preferences and values. What are yours and do you express them through the way you purchase?


ETHIC and personal values


Ethic definition according to Larousse: set of moral principles that are the basis of someone’s behavior.


Getting past our principles is equivalent to put our heads in the sand towards our own values. I believe that one of the important lessons of the adjustment period currently experienced is to be confronted with our basic values, which we sometimes forget. They are unique to us and define our personality. Have the courage to express them loud and clear, with sensitivity, authenticity, and empathy towards those of others.


Do you pay attention to the administration, to the values ​​conveyed by the partner companies and by its managers? What are they? Is there any transparency in the processes, in management, in procurement?


Furthermore, Are the local businesses you support involved in their community? We support periodically some local non-profit organizations with common values in their mission. We also take part of regional initiatives such as L’achat local in Vaudreuil Soulanges.



Consult their new web site here to discover and encourage local merchants.




New online shop


Finally, did you know that Vert Essentiel, for the sake of transparency, documents where a product is coming from on its detailed page? Our site got revamped last April, did you explore it?


During these difficult times for the Quebec retail businesses, we ask for your help to make our new web site easy, user-friendly, and representative of the image you have from Vert Essentiel. We seek for your help by answering a few questions and leaving suggestions, about wheter you are a online shopper or not. Share this survey around you to help us get a global overview.


Click here to participate in our survey now.


In 2020, a good web site must be competitive and efficient, we hope to expand our horizon and promote outside our region. Your help is very much appreciated. Do not hesitate to share among the people you know outside our region. This way, you really help your favorite ecological store to stay competitive.


Together, stronger…

…proudly from Québec, I shop local!



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