Reduce waste and win bulk!

29 Sep 2020

Reduce waste


More than ever, current events make us realize that our environment is deteriorating and that it is still possible to make a difference. Unfortunately, over-consumption of packaging is becoming inevitable in many situations in order to protect the population from the spread of COVID. Some situations may seem exaggerated, others may not, but it is possible to stay level-headed and question the real need for certain precautions. Please do not raise shields! Just think about the merits of each gesture and do not hesitate to question what seems exaggerated. Often ease outweighs reason and a harmonious discussion always gives better results than a confrontation. Empathy and listening are always in favour.


The zero waste movement is understandably gaining in popularity, as now more than ever, reducing waste is greatly important to save our environment. Many points, among the next few, are reasons to reduce our waste:


  • Lack of space in landfill sites.
  • Pollution from landfilling producing large quantities of greenhouse gases and altering the quality of the soil and subsoil.
  • The earth’s resources are not infinite.
  • Accelerating climate change is causing increasingly frequent and destructive disasters, even in Canada.
  • Pollution due to the creation/transformation of different materials such as plastic, clothing.
  • The real savings to be made by applying one or more of the 6Rs rules.


Easier than you think


Tending towards zero waste may seem complicated but in reality it is very simple. All we need to do is take one concrete step at a time and see our habits change over time.


I invite you to see or review the 6R’s video (In french only) on our site to see that it is easier than you might think to establish greener habits. Which ones are already in effect in your daily life? Every little gesture counts and everyone can contribute!


In addition, buying your cleaning products in bulk is an easy, accessible gesture that reduces the purchase of single-use containers and is also economical!


During the month of October 2020, a nationwide effort will be made. Canada’s Waste Reduction Week will take place from October 19th to 25th.


In Quebec, Quebec Waste Reduction Week will take place from October 17th to 25th, which means two more days! It is essential to participate and to contribute to this movement.


Involvement of Vert Essentiel


In an effort to reduce our waste, Vert Essentiel will track the number of containers saved from your bulk purchases throughout the month of October 2020.


Furthermore, during this thematic month and with any purchase of bulk products, you have a chance to win one of 2 Bulk Discovery cards valued at $50 each, which you can use or give to a loved so they can discover the wonders of bulk as well.



Description of the Bulk Discovery card





The Bulk Discovery card of Vert Essentiel, a $50 value, allows you to make bulk fillings of your choice according to certain categories: laundry products, dishwashing soap, body products or household cleaners.


Winners will be able to complete 10 fillings of approximately 500 g of each product category. This is the perfect opportunity for you to try new products, made in Quebec and safe for your body and the environment. Contest details in store.


Together, in October, let’s buy in bulk, reduce our waste and good luck with the contest!


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