Cleaning the wood deck

30 Apr 2020


With Spring and warmer weather slowly coming, your deck is calling to you! But after having suffered the Winter, your wooden deck probably needs a refreshing treatment.


Here’s an efficient method without harmful chemicals but that requires some efforts!


You will need:

  • A floor brush or a scrub brush,
  • A large paintbrush or an old broom,
  • A bucket or a plastic bin large enought to dip your paintbrush or broom,
  • Some sodium percarbonate, which is an organic  stain remover,
  • Hot water from the tap,
  • Gloves because the solution may irritate your hands.


In your bucket or your plastic bin, mix the sodium percarbonate according to the following ratio: 1/4 cup of sodium percarbonate for every liter of water.


Stir to dissolve partially.


With the paintbrush or broom, apply the solution to the surface to be treated, let the product stand for 15 minutes and then brush vigorously following the wood grain direction. Rinse thoroughly and repeat as needed.  For best results, perform this task during the least sunny part of the day and clean a section at a time to keep the surface wet before scrubbing.


Let the surface dry a few days before applying a new protective coat on your clean deck.


View this video (in french only) to see the difference steps.

Happy summer!


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