How to choose your lavender essential oil?

05 Mar 2021

4 bouteilles d'huile essentielle de lavande différentes - 4 different lavander essential oil bottles


How to choose your lavender essential oil?



There are many different kinds of lavender, so how do you know which is suitable for you?


Knowing that they all have an anti-inflammatory action, here are the characteristics that allow you to choose the best one for the desired action.


Simply read the descriptions below to know how to choose your lavender essential oil.



Why choose spike lavender?

INCI: Lavandula spica

Easy to remember, spike lavender is ideal when it stings!   It has the most important anti-inflammatory action among lavenders. It will soothe insect bites and minor burns by applying 1 to 2 drops directly to the affected area, repeatedly. Its healing and antibacterial action will soothe acne pimples in the same way.  

Sunburn tip: Mix 3 drops of spike lavender with 1 tbsp of moisturizing cream or calendula maceration. Repeat several times during the day.  


Why choose hybrid lavender?

INCI: Lavandula hybrida super

This plant is obtained from a hybridization of true lavender and wild lavender. It is widely cultivated for its high productivity in flowers.   It is pleasant to use it in diffusion for its relaxing effect and to help falling asleep. It is very popular as a lice repellent. Pour some drops on the fingertips then rub the hair, on the neck and behind the ears.

Muscle Cramp Tip: Before and after strenuous physical activity, apply a few drops in a vegetable oil or moisturizer and massage the targeted and contracted areas.    


Why choose fine lavender ou true lavender?

INCI: Lavandula augustifolia ou Lavandula officialis

The difference between all the lavandula augustifolia is in the growth region of the plan. A lavender that grows in Quebec and a lavender that grows in the French Alps will have a different biochemical signature. The odor and specific properties will have to be taken into consideration when choosing one.   Choose this lavender to prepare a restful sleep. Anxious or stressed? Simply pour a few drops on your hands and wipe them on the pillowcase or on the solar plexus to better transit to sleep.  

Good night tip: Pour a few drops of fine lavender essential oil in a small amount of moisturizer and massage the soles of your feet.   To relieve irritated and sensitive skin, add 1 to 2 drops of lavender to your regular skin care product.  


In conclusion, lavenders are quite similar according to their general characteristics. If you wish to use it in aromatherapy, the best way to choose the one that will benefit you is simply to smell it and let yourself be carried away by its sweet fragrance.  


Finally, no essential oil should be ingested without the advice of your health care practitioner. Keep out of reach of children.


This information comes from the following books: L’aromathérapie by Dominique Baudoux; L’aromathérapie by Michel Turbide and Le grand guide de l’aromathérapie by Aude Maillard.  

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