How to get rid of ants in the house without pesticide

26 Jun 2020


Over the counter products for household use intended to hunt or exterminate ants often contains ingredients which are harmful to your health. At Vert Essentiel, we choose natural, effective and healthy solutions for you and the environment.


Whether ants already accessed your pantry or you simply wish to prevent any intrusion attempt, we have a proven recipe for you, courtesy of Michel Turbide, aromatherapist:




In a spray bottle, add alcohol, essential oils, and vegetable oil. Mix well and add the water. Shake well.


To get rid of ants already in the house:

Spray on the ant path to hide the pheromones deposited on the food-anthill path, twice a week for 2 weeks. Then once a month, as needed.

Ants detect food through pheromones. The latter is deposited upstream on the food-anthill path by the other ants that already visited the food site. In order to detect the food, it is essential that beforehand an ant has come face to face with the food and returned to the anthill depositing pheromones on its way. The first ant will instinctively or randomly find the food.


For prevention :


Spray the bottom of the walls and countertops, twice a week for 2 weeks. Then once a month, if necessary.


Another option: Borax


CAUTION: This option is not recommended if you have pets or small children. They could accidentally ingest it and Boron, which is part of the Borax formulation, is slightly toxic.


You can mix a part of Borax and a part of icing sugar and deposit the mixture at the entrance of the unwanted insects. They will be attracted by the sweet smell and ingestion of borax being fatal, when they bring it back to the nest, the population may be reduced. However, the queen must also ingest it to sign the anthill’s death sentence.


Note: Carpenter ants are tougher to dislodge. You will probably have to use another method.


Good luck!

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