Create a zero-waste soapy dough

26 Jun 2020


You have to wash your hands regularly but access to quality soap is not always possible ?


Here is the perfect solution to allow you to wash your hands wherever you are, whether hiking, camping, cycling, picnicking in the park or at work. Liquid soap is difficult to transport. The bar soap takes up a lot of space and once soaked, it becomes sticky and slimy. This is why many people use antibacterial gel when they are out. It is a temporary solution because it does not clean the dirt on the hands and it is irritating.


Vert Essentiel created the solid zero-waste soapy dough ! 


It requires a little preparation but once made, it gives you the possibility to easily wash your hands everywhere, with a little water. In addition, you can use your favorite liquid soap to make it. 


Zero-waste soapy dough recipe 


  • ¼ Cup of corn starch 
  • Tablespoons of biodegradable liquid hand soap ( We use the Bonheur Essentiel hand and body soap that smells like fresh fruit! ) 
  • A bowl and a spoon to mix 
  • A small airtight container to store your soapy dough 




Pour the starch into the bowl and add the soap one spoon at a time, stirring between each addition, until a smooth paste forms.


Keep your soapy dough in a airthight container to preserve it.


If desired, you can make small pea-sized balls, enough for hand washing. Place them in the small airtight container easily carriedQuick and easy! 


How to use 


  • To wash your hands, place a pea size ball of soapy dough in the palm of your hand and pour a little water into it. Rub your hands together to dissolve the paste and foam the soap. Rinse with clear water. Your hands are now clean and soft in the park, hiking, biking or at work and more, they will smell like happiness (at least with our soap!) 
  • You can let the children play with this dough in the bath. Another way to have fun in the bathtub and encourage them to wash themselves. It is possible to add coloring for effervescent bombs, a small quantity is enough. 


To rehydrate a dry soapy dough


Did your soapy dough inadvertently dried out? No worries, to rehydrate your paste, just add a small amount of liquid hand soap and mix until it forms a dough again.


Note: It is essential to use biodegradable soap that is not harmful to the environment to make this dough if you plan to use it in a place without access to a sink. 


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