Cleaning treatment for sneakers

27 Jul 2020


Summer is perfect for outdoor activities, but at the end of the season, our sneakers are often soiled and tired.


Indeed, mowing of the lawn, forest excursions and bicycle rides, the shimmer or pale color of the shoes had better days.


Discover our foolproof trick to whiten or revive the colors of your sneakers in a jiffy.


What you need:


  • A sunny day
  • A large enough bowl or plastic container to put your shoes in
  • Lukewarm water
  • 1/4 cup sodium percabonate
  • A small scrub brush
  • A pair of gloves (percarbonate can irritate hands)




  • On a table outside on a sunny day,
  • Pour lukewarm water and percarbonate into the bowl and stir gently,
  • Remove the laces from the sneakers and let them soak in the warm water mixture,
  • Remove the insoles of the sneakers to avoid soaking them,
  • Dip the scrub brush in the water mixture and vigorously rub the dirty sneakers, make sure to wet them generously at the same time,
  • In small rotational movements of the wet brush, proceed in small zones at a time,
  • Repeat until the sneakers are clean,
  • Rinse the shoes with plenty of clean water,
  • Leave to dry in the sun all day


Zero effort version:

For canvas shoes, you can simply let your shoes, laces and soles soak in the solution, for a full day in the sun, in a large container, in order to dislodge all organic stains. No scrubbing needed!


This cleaning treatment will revive your dirtiest running shoes!


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