Cleaning with liquid black soap

27 May 2020


The household liquid black soap is made up of potash and some fat. The combination of the two through the classic saponification process produces household liquid black soap. The fatty substance used is generally olive oil or glycerin to which we add a little linseed oil (generally around 5%) for its accelerating drying properties.


Natural and economical


Because it is made from natural ingredients, it is completely ecological, but also gentle on the surfaces as well as on the user’s hands. It can be used on all surfaces such as ceramic tiles, linoleum and marble, as well as for degreasing the hob, oven, worktops and cooking accessories, even the barbecue! It can also be used to wash dishes, a few drops are enough. For an impeccable window washing, the ratio is one tsp. at the table in a liter of water. It will take a cloth to wash and a cloth to wipe.


It will be useful in the bathroom for cleaning the sink, toilet as well as the glass shower and tiles.


For Outdoors


Black soap is useful and effective in the garden to fight aphids, mealybugs and red spiders. Being a contact insecticide, it kills the larvae and cleans the honeydew on the leaves. Dilute 5 tsp. of black soap in 1 liter of water and spray on the leaves, front and back. To keep spiders away, add 20 to 25 drops of peppermint essential oil to black soap and then add a liter of water, mixing well. Wash the surfaces and rinse while leaving a very light film. The residue will be less inviting and they will seek domicile elsewhere!


For animals

Black soap is an excellent shampoo for dogs and cats. Soft on the skin, it will make the hair shine and prevent the smell of “wet dog”. Being concentrated, a small amount is required. Note that it also has antiparasitic properties. Please note that it is possible to add certain essential oils for use on dogs, but they are strictly prohibited on cats! Ask your veterinarian, however, certain essential oils are prohibited for animals.


Cleaning the car

Washing the car in an ecological way, using a minimum of potable water, it is possible. Dilute 2 tsp. in 5 liters of water.

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