Customize your liquid soap

26 Jun 2020


Thanks to the bulk at Vert Essentiel, you can modify your soap at will. With a variety of dish soaps, laundry detergents, and hand and body soaps, you can try a new fragrance every time you refill.


How about making your own?


Here is another tip for a touch of Bonheur Essential every day.


We suggest you travel through your sense of smell. The Coconut scent reminds you of a Pina Colada on a Caribbean beach? Are you Patchouli or rather Lily of the valley, Rose or Bergamot? Mango or Raspberry tantalize you? Customize your soap so you can dream every time you wash your hands.


Easy custom hand soap recipe 





  • In a jarpour the unscented soap and the fragrance extract drops. 
  • Mix gently with a spoon until the mixture becomes homogeneous. 
  • Pour your customized hand soap into your favorite soap pump and travel each time you wash your hands!  


Note: The unscented dishwashing liquid soap can also be used in this recipe, it is available in bulk at Vert Essentiel

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