4 steps foot care

15 Jul 2020

Ah… the feet! Such an important part of the body that takes us where we wish.


They support our weight every day, but hidden in our shoes, we tend to neglect them.


We take care of our face every day: cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating it. But what about our feet?


Here is our weekly foot care suggestion in 4 simple steps to pamper them:


1- Foot bath

Bathing your feet in lukewarm / cold water is very refreshing during summer heat waves.

Even better, our bath salt recipe for tired feet is a foolproof tip to feel a breeze of freshness from head to toes.


2- Exfoliation

Follow this moment of relaxation with an exfoliation using a pumice stone or a Vetiver brush.


You don’t have time for a foot bath? Don’t worry, apply a body scrub like Rozo from Zorah on your feet while showering.


3- Massage and hydration

For tired feet and legs, massage with the Alum stone fluid for tired feet.


Follow with the ointment from the Savonnerie des Diligences or Soft feet from the company Les Trois Acres in order to hydrate deeply.


To moisturize cracked skin, discover Soft heels to smooth roughness.


4- Odor prevention

Finally, to prevent odors and keep your feet dry, apply Alum stone deodorant powder on your feet or simply sprinkle it in your shoes.


Good relaxation!


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