What to do with calcium carbonate?

25 Mar 2021


Comment nettoyer avec le carbonate de calcium - How to clean with calcium carbonate

First, what is calcium carbonate and what can it be used for?



Calcium carbonate is a natural mineral that is often used in the manufacturing of toothpaste for its abrasive and thickening action. In cosmetics, it is used to opacify and whiten. You can use this very mild abrasive safely to scrub fragile surfaces such as stainless steel, marble, ceramic glass and silverware. It is safe for you and the environment.



Discover our 3 tips for using calcium carbonate:



1- Alone as a scrubbing powder

Some glasses came out all cloudy from the dishwasher? Sprinkle calcium carbonate on a wet cloth and rub until the << cloud >> disappears completely.   Pots and pans are blackened from use? Sprinkle calcium carbonate directly on the pot and rub with a scrubbing sponge. The result is fabulous!   To make stained silverware and utensils shine, use this non-toxic white powder to bring back to the original state.

Before After
Nettoyer chaudron avec carbonate de calcium





2- In a DIY Craft

Are you looking for an original craft to do with your young children? Making a window decoration is easy and washable. Simply mix calcium carbonate with a little water to make a paste. Using a brush and a stencil with the desired design, paint the glass inside the stencil and let it dry. It will be very easy to wash this craft afterwards.




3- In a clay cleaning stone recipe

Finally, have you ever heard of clay cleaning stone?   It’s a hardened mixture of black soap and abrasive powder used to clean. Use clay cleaning stone as an all-purpose cleaner on surfaces such as oven windows or natural stone countertops. It’s an environmentally friendly and effective solution that cleans just about anything! You can even use it to polish silverware. Simply wet your sponge or Safix, rub it on the clay stone and scrub the surface to be cleaned. Rinse. Discover our clay cleaning stone recipe that contains calcium carbonate.

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