What to do with sodium percarbonate

27 Jul 2020


Very effective against all organic stains;

sodium percarbonate dislodges blood, coffee or tea, wine, mud, sweating, etc.

A small wound stained your clothes? You are now using reusable sanitary napkins, but how do you keep them clean?


Maintaining washable sanitary napkins


  • Just rinse well under lukewarm water and place them in a bowl, with a lid, it’s more discreet with sanitary napkins
  • Put 1 to 2 teaspoon of sodium percarbonate (not to be confused with bicarbonate or carbonate)
  • Add warm water and let soak for several hours
  • Rinse and send to washing. A mesh bag is very useful to retrieve small items!


If you can’t wash them within the day, change the water to avoid bacteria growth.


Whitening or brightening summer clothes


It is normal for white clothing to turn yellowish and grayish at the end of the season. It is easy to dislodge these annoying traces or to revive the summer colors by simply soaking the garment as follows:


  • Add 1 to 2 tsp. of sodium percarbonate in a large bowl of warm water or a sink, add the garment.
  • Soak for several hours or overnight, until the stains disappear. If they are not completely gone, rub with a fabric stain remover stick. Few stains resist this treatment!
  • To maintain whites and light colors, it is recommended to always add 1/4 cup of sodium percarbonate to all loads.


Keep in mind: as soon as a stain is organic, sodium percarbonate comes to the rescue! It is THE essential stain remover to have in the house.


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