Sandalwood and coffee grounds candles recipe

18 Oct 2021

Chandelle au bois de santal et marc de café

This soy wax candle recipe blends the scent of sandalwood with coffee for a warm and smooth aroma.


This fall, the Vert Essentiel team offers you a bold recipe of sandalwood and coffee grounds candles. To make these truly different candles, you will need:


  • Bonheur Essentiel candle making kit

  • 5 glass jars, or any non-plastic container, about 125 ml each. The Mason jar style works great.

  • A hot glue gun

  • A piece of 8 x 11 cardboard to make 5 tutors (An empty cereal box will do)

  • A pair of scissors

  • A large glass measuring cup

  • A pot

  • A roll of natural linen rope or any other decorative rope

  • A bottle of oNature sandalwood fragrance extract

  • Fine coffee grounds (we used fine coffee grounds from an Espresso machine)

  • Approximately 15 coffee beans



1- Using your fingers, press a thin layer of wet coffee grounds all over the inside of the glass jar, making sure to leave a space in the bottom center to stick the wick. Repeat this step for all 5 jars.

Marc de café pressé sur les parois d'un pot Mason      




2- With the hot glue gun, stick a wick to the bottom of each glass jar, well in the center.

Mèche collée au fond d'un pot de verre pour confection de chandelles      




3-Pour the soy wax into a large measuring cup and place in a pot of water. Melt the wax in this bain-marie over low heat.

Cire de soja dans un bain-marie      




4- Meanwhile, make your supports. Cut out 5 squares slightly larger than the opening of the pots. Cut out one side of each square to the center with a small hole in the center.

Tuteur de carton pour mèche de chandelle        




5- Once the wax is melted, add 10 ml (2 tsp.) of sandalwood fragrance extract and mix well.

Ajout d'huiles essentielles à la cire fondue          




6- Pour the melted wax into each glass jar, taking care not to pour on the wick.

Verser cire dans pot Mason pour confection de chandelles          




7- On each pot, place the prepared cardboard tutor so that the wick stands straight in the center.

Tuteur pour mèche lors de la confection de chandelles      




8- Let cool for 3 hours or until wax sets and cut off the end of any wicks that are too long.

Mèche à couper lors de fabrication de chandelles      




9- For decoration, make a loop with the natural rope and glue a few coffee beans in the center of the loop with the hot glue gun. Attach the loop to the candle jar with hot glue. And there you go!

Boucle décorative avec grains de café pour chandelles          

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