Mosquito repellent candle recipe

12 May 2021

Chandelle chasse-moustique dans pot Mason - Insect repellant candle in Mason jar

Discover our mosquito repellent candle recipe in 8 easy steps.



What you need:




Recipe in 8 steps:





Déposer colle chaude sous mèche de chandelle

1- Using the hot glue gun, place a little glue under a wick.












Coller la mèche au fond du pot de verre bien au centre

2- Glue this wick to the bottom of the glass jar, right in the center. Repeat for the 5 wicks.













Cire de soja dans un bain-marie

3- Pour the soy wax into a large measuring cup and place in a pot of water. Melt the wax in this bain-marie over low heat.












Tuteur de carton pour mèche de chandelle4- Meanwhile, make your supports.
Cut out 5 squares slightly larger than the opening of the glass jars.
Cut out one side of each square to the center with a small hole in the center.










Ajout d'huiles essentielles à la cire fondue

5- Once the wax is melted, add:
7.5 ml lavender oil,
5 ml of lemon-scented eucalyptus oil
2.5 ml of peppermint oil
2.5 ml of clove oil and mix well.










Verser la cire de soja fondue dans le pot en verre avec la mèche


6- Pour the melted wax mixture into the glass jars, taking care not to pour on the wicks.













Tuteur de carton pour chandelle

7- Insert the cardboard supports around the wicks to keep them straight.













Chandelle dans un pot Mason

8- Let cool for 3 hours or until the wax solidifies. And that’s it!











Mosquito repellent candles are made with repellent essential oils to keep mosquitoes and black flies away.



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