Quick and simple skincare routine

12 Oct 2020

For fast and effective facial care


Myth: Facial care must be long, tedious and expensive. FALSE.

Excuse: I don’t have the time and it’s complicated. FALSE

Reality: I have such reactive skin that I prefer not to apply anything to my face. FALSE

Issues: I have an oily skin so it does not need additional hydration or specific care. FALSE


We have made this little chart to show you that it is quick and easy to protect and care for your face in order to defy time and feel good about your skin.


Care Night Morning Once a week Time required
1-Cleaning 40 seconds
2-Moisturizing 20 seconds
3-Treating imperfections 20 seconds
4-Toning up 5 to 15 seconds
5-Exfoliating or applying a mask Exfoliate = 1 minute
Mask = 10 to 15 minutes


1- Cleaning – Every night


Cleaning your skin every evening is one of the most important steps to having healthy and clear skin. It is the step most often neglected and yet the easiest to introduce into our evening routine. There are several facial cleansing products that will suit your needs such as mild soap, cleansing milk, foam, cleansing gel and even make-up remover oil. Keep in mind that your cleanser simply has to be compatible with your skin type to be effective and therefore, you will enjoy using it.


DID YOU KNOW: Using a vegetable oil specific to your skin type is economical and effective! Using a small amount of oil works with the natural sebum of your skin to remove impurities without drying it. It is suitable for oily or combination skin types as well as dry skin types. Dare to try it!


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2-Moisturizing – Morning and night


There is a multitude of moisturizing creams and oils for the face available for  daytime or evening use, as well as anti-aging, sunscreen, and more. How can we choose the right skincare without emptying our wallets? Your face could very well accommodate a versatile base cream that can be used in the morning and evening. Others will require a deep moisturizer or one with natural active elements that will plump up tired skin. For optimal hydration, however, it is recommended to use a targeted cream or oil for the night, applied in the evening, and a moisturizer for the day in the morning as they do not to have the same composition nor the same degree of absorption.

Apply a small amount of the cream to the face, massaging lightly in a circular motion from the inside to the outside of the face in order to moisturize your skin.

For the application of an oil, it is preferable to lightly spray a tonic water beforehand (see point 4). Then, by massaging gently, the oil will be absorbed by the skin to accelerate its penetration.

Pay particular attention to the eye contour area as the skin there is very fragile. Oils are not recommended as the skin is so fine and fragile that too much oily hydration with essential oils can cause irritation, among other problems. You should only trust a specially formulated cream for this specific area.

DID YOU KNOW: The neck needs as much care as the face? Indeed, the skin is very fragile and could age prematurely. Not practical if you want to wear clothes showing cleavage for a while longer!


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3-Treatment of imperfections – at night, if necessary


Rare are those who have perfect skin! In order to effectively treat imperfections, we advise you to apply a treatment every night, after your moisturizing, until the problem improves. Indeed, whether to reduce dark circles, reduce wrinkles or prevent the appearance of brown spots, specialized care is often more effective at night. This is why it is preferable to apply these treatments to clean, moisturized skin and leave them on while you sleep. This care can simply be an anti-aging cream used in the evening only or a repairing serum for the complexion.


DID YOU KNOW: Some restorative treatments with tightening properties are used in the morning? In fact, a little facelift at the beginning of the day helps to fill in the signs of time and cheers you up!


To determine what care your skin condition needs, check out our anti-aging section and our serum section to find the best product for you.



4-Tonification – in the morning, at night and at will!


Over the years, the dermis undergoes a decrease in hydration and skin cells have difficulty regenerating. The tonic counteracts this effect due to aging and adds tone to your skin. In the morning, a simple rinse with cold water may suffice. For expressing happiness, a spray tonic such as floral waters or tonics from natural product brands are ideal, while being pleasant and refreshing to put on! Simply allow to dry slightly before applying your moisturizer. Economical and easy to use, incorporate it to your skincare routine today!


DID YOU KNOW: Floral water is also called hydrolat? For puffy eyes or irritated skin, wild cornflower floral water is fantastic!


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5-Exfoliation or mask – at night, once a week


Once a week, a facial exfoliation removes impurities and dead skin to make the complexion more radiant. It will also be softer to the touch and will allow a better penetration of the moisturizer.

The benefits of applying a mask weekly are multiple. It helps to unclog pores, diminishes spots, helps regulate sebum production, brightens the complexion and reduces the appearance of pimples.  As a bonus, a sensation of purified and revitalized skin!


DID YOU KNOW: There are 5 types of clays with beneficial properties, which can be combined for a perfect symbiosis? At Vert Essentiel, it is possible to create your own mixtures because we offer these clays in bulk. Economical!


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Good facial care!

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