How to take care of your skin after basking in the sun, in 3 easy steps

04 Jun 2021

Peau exposée au soleil - Skin exposed to the sun  

How to take care of your skin after exposing it to the sun? Discover our 3 step routine for radiant and glowing skin.



1- Cleansing

After soaking up the sun’s rays, it’s very important to wash your skin and remove your sunscreen. for your body, we suggest a Bonheur Essentiel soap bar available in 6 different scents: Spa, Vert, Gourmand, Floral, Patchouli and Essentiel. For your face, the team suggests Smith Farms gentle face cleanser, they are right around the corner in St-Polycarpe. Their face wash has a delicate scent of Neroli essential oil and is suitable for all skin types.



2- Exfoliate

To keep your tan longer, we suggest a gentle exfolation once a week. This very important step removes dead skin cells and will leave your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. For your body, we recommend a Luffa sponge to gently exfoliate your skin. Casou, a soap making fabricant from Pincourt, has an exfoliating soap bar: Istanbul. If you prefer we also have an exfoliating mitt made from bamboo fibres for a deeper exfoliation. For the face, a konjac sponge is great and for those seeking a more grainy exfoliant, we also have Nordora’s exfoliating cleansing gel



3- Hydration

Lastly, the third and last step, is to properly hydrate your skin to prolong your tan and to keep your skins elasticity. To properly hydrate your skin, we love suggesting Oneka’s body lotion, it’s available in a glass jar and we have it in bulk!  Another favorite of ours is Zorah’s after sun lotion, Hani, its leaves the skin feeling fresh the moment you lather it on.



In short, it’s super easy to take care of your skin after a day in the sun. you simply need to to properly cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate.



Also, don’t forget to properly hydrate by drinking 1-2 litres of water per day and applying your favorite sunscreen on before going outside to avoid sunburns.


Enjoy your summer all while taking care of you!     


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