The guide to successful and easy bulk

20 Apr 2022



Here are the basic rules for filling your home and body cleaning products. Not familiar with the concept of bulk cleaning products? No worries, here is a guide to make your life easier.

No time to read? We’ll share a short video this Friday, Earth Day right here!  


What containers should I use?


Any container can be reused, without judgement as to its shape, name, color or material. It just has to be leak-proof, clean and with an effective cap. Take a look around the kitchen, we all have a storage cabinet. There’s probably a container just waiting to be reused!  


When to bring your containers?


Just bring all your containers at once, even those that are only half full. This saves time and traveling. Purchases are made on an ongoing basis and avoid surprises such as: “I ran out of soap at home, I had to go to the grocery store”, or “It’s expensive to buy everything at once”. So you opt for periodic purchases!


What if my container is not completely empty?


The container will be placed on a scale and the weight will be reset to zero. It will be filled with the desired product and put back on the scale to establish the cost. This way, you only pay for a portion of the product each time. By filling regularly and not waiting until everything is empty, it will cost less each time.


Do I have to wash the exterior and interior of my containers before each visit?



Exterior: always Interior: We recommend that you get into the habit of washing the containers once in a while, depending on the use and condition of the bottle. Of course, the containers that remain in the shower must be cleaned more often, as humidity creates mold. The goal is to have a product of excellent quality, at all times. The stopper: Wash it regularly too. Also, check its watertightness and its general condition. Before disposing of your container if the cap is no longer adequate, stop by Vert Essentiel and we may have a replacement cap. We have a nice collection of various stoppers, you never know!



I heard about the coffee bean game at Vert Essentiel. What is it?


Every time you reuse a container, you don’t use a new one. That’s great! We reduce our dependence on petrol derivatives, we reduce the amount of material to be recycled and we save money. So for each container reused, we invite you to transfer a coffee bean into a large glass jar and we notice, over the months, the reduction of these containers. A lot of pride every time!  Still hesitating? Come see us with a container and you will see how easy and economical it is to make bulk!


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