Whipped body butter trio

05 Feb 2021

Trio de beurres fouettés corporels - Body whipped butter trio  

Whipped body butter: an essential handmade beauty product.


Whipped body butter is an economical and easy to make body moisturizer that replaces expensive hydrating creams. It contains only 2 key ingredients and a few drops of essential oils if desired. 


It is called «butter» because it has almost the same characteristics as butter in the kitchen. It is harder than cream and melts quickly when touched.


From the very first use, the immense moisturizing power of whipped butter will make you forget its more oily appearance than traditional cream.   Also, what a surprise to see the results on your skin after the application of whipped body butter.


It penetrates quickly and leaves a glossy finish, but your skin will want more every day!   


Whipped body butter protects against frequent hand washing and is excellent for the treatment of eczema.


Whipped body butter simply contains butter and plant-based oil.


With the same recipe, it is therefore possible to create a multitude of variants by modifying the butter or oil.


The general proportion to be respected is 3 parts of butter for 2 parts of oil. For a slightly softer butter, just add a little more oil.


The Vert Essentiel team has tested 3 variations of this recipe to help you choose your ingredients.  


Enjoy the recipe!  



Ingredients (available in bulk at Vert Essentiel)


  • 45 ml of plant-base butter of your choice (shea, hemp, mango, cocoa, etc.)
  • 30 ml of plant-base oil of your choice (rice bran, jojoba, argan, grape seed, etc.).
  • 3 to 4 drops of essentiel oil of your choice* (lavender, geranium rose, etc.)


*Choose an essential oil according to the part of the body where the butter will be used. We do not recommend any essential oil from the citrus family, which are photo-sensitizing.  




  1. Melt the butter with the oil in a glass measuring cup placed in a pot of water (bain-marie or double boiler).
  2. Once the mixture is melted, clear and homogeneous, add 3 to 4 drops of essential oil of your choice.
  3. Place the measuring cup in the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes or until the mixture seizes without being too hard.
  4. Once the mixture is seized, whip in an hand-held mixer for 4 to 5 minutes until whipped and creamy.
  5. Using a spatula, transfer the whipped butter to a clean, airtight container.
  6. The butter will keep for about 3 months.


Are you more visual? Watch this video clip.





Butter Oil Essential oil Color Texture Absorption Comments Team’s favorite Cost*
Mango Pumpkin seeds Geranium rose Immaculate white Firm Medium and leaves the skin moderately oily. Perfect if looking for a shiny skin effect. ♥️ Approximately 3,80$
Hemp Rice bran Fine lavender Greenish white Silkier and smoother Fast and leaves the skin lightly oily and soft. Requires the addition of an essential oil to mask the less popular smell of hemp butter. ♥️♥️♥️ Approximately 2,35$
Cocoa Argan None Yellowish white Very firm and granular Slow and leaves the skin oily. Does not require essential oils. This butter has a sweet smell of chocolate due to the cocoa butter. ♥️♥️ Approximately 7,90$

*All these ingredients are available in bulk at Vert Essentiel and the average cost of each whipped body butter has been calculated from our store prices. Bring your own clean containers.

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