Our tips and tricks for eco-friendly camping

14 May 2021

Camping écologique - Eco-friendly camping

Eco-friendly camping that respects the environment.

This summer again, it will be the number one activity for many Quebecers. Unfortunatley, many leave waste without bothering to pickup after themselves. This environment belongs to all of us, it is therefore necessary to have the courage to mention the “forgetfulness” of trash to anyone caught in the act. We live in interaction and have to learn from each other. Some people learn slowly or have less interest. Let’s keep a positive attitude and an open conversation and keep in mind that every action counts, no matter how small. Unseen trash has just as big an impact, if not bigger, on our momentary escape environment. Here are some basics to pack in your summer travel bag. What will be your favorite product?  


Discover Vert Essentiel’s tips for eco-friendly camping!


1- For clean hands

For a biodegradable liquid soap, the team chose a mixture of Castile soap and water in a foam pump. Very practical on the campsite to wash your hands at any time. It requires very little water for washing and rinsing. For the hike in the woods, the kayak excursion or the bike ride, VertEssentiel’s favorite 💚 is the soapy dough. A solid biodegradable soap, in individual portions and easy to make yourself when preparing for the outdoor activity.

Note: Never wash directly into water courses because biodegradable soaps need microorganisms in the soil to degrade.  


2- There are dirty dishes, even when camping

From frugal to basic meals, dirty dishes follow us everywhere. We suggest Castile soap or black soap to wash your dishes while camping. Simply add 1 to 2 tablespoons (15 to 30ml) to your hot dishwater. For more details, read the article on Castile soap.  


3- For an eco-friendly shower

Do you have several people taking showers at the same time and only one bar of soap? Soapy dough is the solution to this problem. Made from hand and body soap, it’s ideal for the whole family. Make your own before you leave home, see the recipe here. For hair, the team’s choice is Oneka Cedar and Sage Shampoo. With its invigorating boreal forest scent, you’ll be in harmony with nature! If you haven’t already done so, take advantage of your getaway to try the dry clay shampoo or shampoo bar. Zero liquid to carry and cost-effective. 

Note: Never wash directly into water courses because biodegradable soaps need microorganisms in the soil to degrade.  


4- To avoid sunburn

In order to protect our rivers and streams, it is important to use a mineral sunscreen (also called a physical sunscreen) and not a chemical sunscreen. Mineral sunscreen is made from natural ingredients, such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, which act as a barrier and are environmentally friendly. To learn the difference between mineral and chemical sunscreens, please see our article on this topic. To shop for natural sunscreens available at Vert Essentiel, click here.


5- Get the mosquitos away from me!

Mosquitos and black flies are part of the camping adventure. To keep them away from the picnic table during meals, burn a mosquito repellent candle. To keep them away from you, try our mosquito repellent essential oil recipe. If mosquitoes have managed to bite you, we suggest using Divine Essence’s Insect Bites roll-on to relieve the itching.  


6- Nothing will be left behind!

Everyone likes arriving at their campsite free of traces of the last visitors. Please take your garbage with you or drop it off at designated areas so that you don’t leave any trace of your visit.

If you are traveling with your family, you can be sure that the little ones and the older ones, will remember these wonderful moments and the lessons from a successful camping trip. How to set up on the site, how to cook, the ritual of showering at the toilet block, the morning excursions, the noises of the night, are details you will hear about in a few years. Leading by example as a parent, we are planning our shared future. It comes from a mom of inspired conscientious adults who tells you this.  


Happy eco-friendly camping!


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