Christine Grenier dans la premiere boutique Vert Essentiel first store with its owner, Christine Grenier

A bit of history...


It was in 2009 that the founder of Vert Essentiel had the idea of opening an ecological store that offers a local, healthy and natural alternative for the purchase of cleaning products.


"Everything that washes, we sell in bulk!" explains Christine Grenier and her team to new customers who visit the store for the first time.


Indeed, specialized in the sale of healthy, natural and quality household products and cosmetics, Vert Essentiel sends a clear message: it is possible to use truly effective products without resorting to often questionable chemical ingredients.


In addition to offering a large proportion of cleaning products for the home and for the body in bulk, the store offers a range of environmental products from local producers such as creams and lotions, deodorants, toothpaste, zero waste accessories and essential oils.