Colorants pour la fabrication de cosmétiques en vrac - Cosmetic dyes in bulk

At Vert Essentiel, we offer bulk dyes for your cosmetic products at affordable prices!


  Type de colorant   Prix
Black oxide 3,00$/10g
Orange oxide 3,00$ /10g
Yellow oxide 3,00$ /10g
Red oxide 3,00$ /10g
Brown oxide 5,00$ /10g
Blue ultramarine oxide 5,00$ /10g
Pink ultramarine oxide 7,00$ /10g
Violet ultramarine oxide 5,00$ /10g
Bordeaux mica 6,00$ /10g
Pink pearl mica 5,46$ /10g
Bright pink mica 3,80$ /10g
Vintage pink mica 9,00$ /10g
Glitz and glamour mica 11,00$/10g
Orchid purple mica 7,00$ /10g
Red heart mica 5,61$ /10g
Amethyst mica 6,50$ /10g
Blue lagoon mica 8,51$ /10g
Blue Peacok mica 8,11$ /10g
Ripe purple mica 3,80$ /10g
Lime mica 6,00$ /10g
Margarita mica 5,17$ /10g
Cappucino mica 4,13$ /10g
Orange mica 3,75$ /10g
Black pigment for mascara and liner 2,36$ /10g


Come and see us with your clean containers!


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