Bar soap


Our Bonheur Essentiel soaps in bulk are biodegradable, made in Quebec and are not tested on animals. They are available in 6 pleasant fragrances:


  Soap type   Price
Essentiel 5,49$ /100g
Spa 5,49$ /100g
Floral 5,49$ /100g
Gourmand 5,49$ /100g
Patchouli 5,49$ /100g
Vert 5,49$ /100g


The advantage of buying your bar soaps in bulk is not only to reduce your environmental impact but also to save money! In fact, buying in bulk is always more economical because you don’t pay for the packaging. It’s also convenient because you decide how much you want, we cut it for you and you pay for the soap by weight, simple as that!


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